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World Pediatric Project Golf Tournament Recap. Video production used for marketing branding, promotion, awareness and fundraising. 

Summer demo reel

A few samples of footage and recently completed projects.

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2018 is off to a great start. Check out a video from recent projects

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Glickert Media

Glickert Media a digital marketing company that specializes in video production for digital media or broadcast television.    

Our Approach

Our approach is derived from the study of media literacy. We start with what emotion/feeling you want solicited from the audience and craft the video from there. 

Our Goal

We strive for video production perfection. Every project we take on is a reflection of us and our commitment to perfection. 

The Red Wolf - A National Treasure

The Red Wolf is a national treasure. Solely native to the United States. But misinformation about the species hurts conservation efforts. In all of recorded history, the red wolf has never hurt a human being. Red Wolves used to roam all across the southeastern United States but can only be found in North Carolina. There are only about 40 left in the wild, making the Red Wolf the most endangered wolf in the world. 

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